Can Asobo/MS start doing things from start to finish?

Don’t get me wrong, but as in the title, it’s easier to list of things that they only touched lightly, not finished, than ready-made solutions from A to Z. This is such a terrible lack of perfection, knowledge and attention to detail.
I do not know what the process of verifying what developers do looks like, but in my opinion people verifying their actions should not allow them to be published until they are 100% perfect.

List of destroyed or unfinished topics:

  • thermals option (partly implemented, didn’t work as should and which gives people the opportunity to discuss whether something is working well or not.
  • lightning bolts - they were everywhere, in the morning at night, after breakfast and at dinner, they were and are not. They cannot control them.
  • DX12 - so much noise and it came out as usual
  • new model of propeller and fluids - introduced to 2 aircraft only, unfinished and not verified with full documentation for developers. Half simulated.
  • most types of clouds have been and are not.
  • icing
  • Xbox - bug box and PC degradation
  • FPS dropping from update to update
  • replays joke, never finished
    etc, etc, etc

why do they start something they can’t finish?
Instead of a solid team of developers and a well-managed team that is subject to strong verification, we focus on new content that is to increase sales. There is nothing to cheat yourself. We get pseudo Reno races, unreal topgun, a spaceship, defective planes and other totally unnecessary things. However, everything is needed from the perspective of a potential Xbox player who is going to buy this game on Sunday afternoon.

and it could be so beautiful, people from GFX, instead of creating more locks for the world update, could significantly improve the very poor buildings of the default airports, the people running on the tarmac at the airports could improve, improve the entire air service traffic going under the wheels of the plane and etc… The rest of the development team would take this product to the title of a simulator to become as real as it get resolving all bugs which we talking from beginning here. We give them data every day. They only need to take to work. Really work, not doing some by 20% and talking is done. It’s sloppy job. Nothing else.

There is a good chance that this post will be flagged and deleted, but I hope that with the strength of the community we will convince MS / Asobo to put their $ on optimization teams, not teams looking for an amazing idea to come up with to sell it.

sell quality, it’s will always defend.


This was also implemented in preparation for helicopter support which is supposedly coming in November. But will all of the planes ever be updated to support it? My guess is no.

I agree with your post.

Because they get pushed from one release with feature x, to another release with feature y, to DLC z, to hot-fixing emergency issues, back to next release with feature a.

As long as they “technically” deliver something, it’s checkmark in the eyes of management and bonus time or something. The only thing that matters is getting ever more first time users to try it for a few hours to report record numbers.


I absolutely believe this. Crank out cool new stuff, get people to fork out the bucks to try it, count one more purchase, rinse and repeat.

When I typed “bucks” above I first typed “bugs”… Freudian slip maybe? :slight_smile:


Sadly that is a technique that CIG have been using with Star Citizen for literally years. They make slow progress, but keep offering new ships to pledge for to keep the business afloat. If that revenue stream dries up, they are in serious trouble.

Though MS/Asobo area clearly not doing that, I can see parallels. Dangling the shiny shiny in front of us every other month. I would have been far happier if every available, relevant resource was assigned to only eliminate the technical debt accrued over the last two years, with no new first party content planned until this has been resolved.

Allow third parties alone to deliver new content.

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On that basis no software would ever be released.


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