Can I buy the Premium Airports separately?

Or do I need the entire Premium package? (I just bought the standard version at launch).

Content from the deluxe and premium packages is only available via those packages. So, no not possible to buy them individually

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That was exactly the reason for me to purchase the ultra superdeluxe package with the price-tag of a whopping €129,99.
In addition, I bought a decent Lenovo (sub) gaming laptop worth €1149, a Thustmaster T.16000M controls set which put me back only €256.
Jumping to conclusions: Hardware is the most expensive part of the deal to get airborn.

It’s possibile to buy the standard version and then upgrade it to the higher ones. At least, I’ve seen the option in the marketplace. Not particulary cheap, though.

What airport(s) from the premium edition are you interested in? Because some of these airports are also available from 3rd party devs and those a generally cheaper than the upgrade price and of higher quality.

I was after Heathrow first, but also San Francisco sounded cool.

The premium airports are pretty sub-par to what comes from 3rd party devs. Not worth it IMO. As for EGLL, the guy who made EGKK just started work on EGLL - may take a while but it’s gonna be great, and free (I suppose).

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Ok great to hear. I think the EGKK update is fantastic so looking forward to seeing his work on EGLL.

yeah, this…

I bought the Premium and the airports weren’t worth it. Pick up good quality payware when available - 3-4x better than the “handcrafted” airports. Although the Gaya stuff in the WUs aren’t bad… still, specific payware should be better.

You’ll be glad you waited for Heathrow or for FlightBeam to update KSFO.

I do enjoy the planes in the Premium pack - even if they’re not as well supported or featured… The Longitude is fun to fly :wink: