Can I delete World Updates and re-install them on a different drive as my SSD is in the red?

With World Update 4, my SSD is almost full and in the red. All my 3rd party add-ons are on my D drive with only a few links in my community folder. Windows and FS2020 are the only things residing on my SSD but the world updates take a lot of space. As it is , I won’t be able to get the next updates.

Get a second SSD (NVME preferably) and move the whole thing to the second SSD.
You can get 1TB for 120,-€ - 150,-€.
And moving FS-2020 is pretty easy whenyou have the Steam version.

It’s also easy for the windows store version. Just move all the files and point it to the new folder when you run it next time. I’m talking about the 150+ GB of content files (the root folder where Community and Official is), not the few GB downloaded from the store (MS or Steam doesn’t matter).

Thanks for your reply. I would prefer to keep the base FS2020 files on the SSD. Everything was fine before the World Updates but as they keep coming along, the drive is filling up. I am looking for a way to point the past as well as the future World Updates to my second drive where everything else is.