Can i import my steam profile in the Microsoft version of the game?

After almost 200 hours of flight i decided to switch from the steam version to MS Version because I was having issues in multy.
Is it possible to import the steam profile in the MS profile of the game ? (logbook with hours flown) and rewards?

As far as I know, it’s not possible.

It should be as simple as using the same Microsoft account on the Microsoft Store version. There isn’t really a Steam profile, everything is stored and synched on Microsoft’s servers and are linked to your MS account. I’m not 100% exactly which items are saved to the cloud, but things like flight time and graphics settings and controls definitely are, and this post below by moderator Hester40MT seems to indicate that log book entries also are.

I understood that they already have two profiles.
So my response was based on that - if you have two profiles with MSFS on them, you can’t transfer that data.
But if you didn’t buy the Microsoft Store version yet and can use the existing xbox profile, that’s a different story :slight_smile:

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Having brought the sim on Steam, and having been given a copy on the Windows Store, I wish I had paid more attention :frowning:

I cannot be certain, but I thought I had to set up my settings a second time. The other thing to note is any marketplace items purchased in your Steam version will not be available through your Microsoft Store version.

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Even if purchased on another account, there is still a way to transfer profile from the original account.

For the sake of explanation, I will use this topic as an example.

Plavas purchased the Steam version and logged in with his main Microsoft account. He then decided he did not want to use the Steam version and instead he wanted to use the Microsoft Store version. He buys the Microsoft Store version with a secondary account, different from the account he used to log in to the Steam version.

If Plavas’ secondary account is logged in to the Microsoft Store, he can use the Xbox App (available in the Microsoft Store) to log in with his original main Microsoft account and access any purchases made with the secondary account.

So you can have one account you use for “purchases” and another account you use for playing. As long as your “purchases” account is logged in to the store, the other “playing” account can access the games from it. You must use the “purchases” account to download, once it is downloaded you simply log in with your “playing” account.

I hope that explanation makes sense.

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Mmm,i think something went wrong when i installed the MS Version.
I don’t have any purchase, but i noticed that the fly log was reset to 0 and also all the Bush flights were reset to 0% progress.
I used the same MS account on both version but the sync failed somehow.
The reason for my switch to MS Store was because in multy i was having many issues to fly with my friends online. I don’t know if it’s related with this. It seems that my account on steam version was “bugged” but i don’t think is possible.

The MS Version is instead without any issues until now.

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