Can I Increase History to More Than 3

When selecting a departure airfield the History is only limited to 3, any way to increase this to a number more useful, say 10.


I was thinking of something similar, since I fly 95% in a relatively small area (Canary Islands) using FSE to bring a little realism or purpose into the sim,
So maybe it would be possible to add a favorite tag to airports and have them always show in the list.

In the old sims I had a “Last Flight” as my default flight that I always saved before shutting down to start at the same location as the last run. This apparently is not possible (yet) it seems in MSFS.

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I agree. I fly out of the same airport but the history section shows airports I did not fly out of. It used to show (earlier updates) the last airport you flew out of but not anymore.

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Sounds like a plan :+1:t2:.
Maybe it would be even better when we could “manage” our favorite airports :sunglasses:.

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A few of us thought that a while ago so i opened a post about it in feature requests somewhere. It gained no traction as there were bigger fish to fry back then, but i dont need or want the POI airports populating the list i want to use if im honest.
Some said marketing dictates it shows off the features. However you look at it, it would be far better to have a bigger history to than 3 each side. It gets a bit more annoying when you run an economy addon and are often returning to places that keep dropping off the small list, but to be fair, its not a big issue for most of the other types of players out there.

Yes, the design of the lobby GUI is just not very good. Design decisions were made that are overall pretty problematic if not downright harmful:

  • the “Press any key” fiasco
  • the useless hangar idea that is cause for a 1Gb download for the lobby alone and 3mn45 of load merely to launch the game, when it really shouldn’t take much longer than 20 sec.

Meanwhile there are some missing features like the visualization of waypoints on the globe map and the possibility to start a flight from any given waypoint.
The globe map itself is a joke. One should be able to display informations like country borders and town names (the database should have the coordinates of tens of thousands of towns and they should be displayed according to their size and the zoom level), etc, with some possibility to filter out some data (smaller airports or larger airports, etc) to declutter the map.

If we can dream a little, one could also save past flight paths in the Azure/Xbox game cloud, with screenshots. This would appear in the Log book. Click on a flight and it shows a map of your flight, with clickable miniatures of screenshots where they were taken. This would also save a number of statistics like distance flown, min/max altitude, type of plane used, etc.