Can I make basic flight conditions and situations "sticky" so I always return to them?


MS-Store edition of Flight Sim, on Windows 10.

Every time I start the sim, I always start at the “pick a place” and then it assumes I want real-time weather and such-like.

What I want to accomplish:
I want to set up a default set of conditions:

  • Airport “X” at Runway “Y”
  • Weather - clear and unlimited, no wind, no clouds.
  • Date and time set to a specific date and time, (early summer, mid-day, etc.)


I want to be able to either:

  • Use the same aircraft as last time, or pick a different one.

The idea is to have a standard set of conditions that I return to, automagically, unless I specifically change them. Since most, if not all, of my flying is sightseeing, not “skills enhancing”, I really don’t care about rain, clouds, ice, or what some nosy ATC controller has to say about my flying. :wink: I want to fire up the sim, strap on my favorite airplane, get in the air and have fun.

Can do or no?


Set everything up and then try saving as a *.flt file. That should save all of the parameters you set up.

What’s a “*.flt” file and how do I do that?

When you set up a complete flight with a starting point and destination, you have the option to save that setup (click More > Load/Save) as either a Flight (.flt) or just the flightplan (.pln). When you load it back up later, you should be able to change or delete the destination portion, although I’ve never gone this route myself. I almost always fly real time and real weather, so picking a plane and starting point are all I have to do.

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