Can I move my install?

I’ve installed from boxset dvd onto a standard SSD.Its loading reasonable but my question to SIM collective is can I move my install to a m2ssd without reinstalling?
I’d appreciate a bit of guidance .
Thank you pilots.

  1. Move your repository manually to the new location
  2. Restart the sim. It will try to create a new repository.
  3. Point to the new location, let it check the available packages
  4. Sim wil continue to load

Disclaimer: Not experienced this myself, but this should work.


I can confirm this works.
I Copyed my fs2020 folder from my E Drive to my D drive. I renamed the E Drive folder so the sim couldnt find it.
Then booted MSFS. I showed checking for updates. Then asked me where I wanted the Install.
So I pointed to my D drive and then took a while to check for updates (Checking files) Then booted no problem.
Rename old folder is a must untill you have it working on a new location. Just to be safe

Thanks for all your help

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This is the closest post that I have found to my issue. I pre-purchased the deluxe edition but failed to understand …duh…how long it would take to download considering my sub recommended internet speed. That turns out to be over 4 days. I have been wondering why Microsoft and Asobo made the program available on disc in Europe but not here in the United States. If it would be permissable and legal to use a friends very high speed internet to download the program and then copy it to a flash drive, that would also solve my problem. Does anyone have any pertinent information as to this ? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Why don’t you just bring your computer to your friend’s place, plug in an ethernet cable or whatever and start the download?

As for moving an install, I did just that on Wednesday afternoon. I had originally installed on the only drive I had space for it (a 7200 rpm physical disk). I ordered a 1 TB M.2 NVME drive that arrived on Wednesday. After I installed the new drive and verified it working, I went to Win10 Settings and told Windows to move the game to my new drive, including the DLC as recommended by earlier posts here. Worked fine.

As an aside, I also used Steam to move over about a dozen games from my Steam library from my overcrowded C: drive (a smaller m.2 SSD) and my D: drive to the new E:, using the Steam “Properties” tab for each and selecting the new location. Also worked great.

Thanks for the reply. I could take my computer to my friends and downloas the program but I wonder if my purchase is tied to my IP address. I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try. I do have a freshly installed 1tb SSD and I feel fairly confident that if downloading in this manner is prohibited then I just won’t be able to do it. Thanks for the advice. If it works I will post.

I’m pritty sure it’s tied to the Microsoft account. So using different ip wouldn’t hurt. Here in England most connections are an dynamic Ip addresses. So we have a different ip when we connect the router. I’m on a semi static ip. It changes every 3 to 6 months.

Thanks again. I’m going to give it a go on Tuesday. Will update.

Well it took longer than I had imagined to get to my friends but yesterday I was able to do the download. Waiting was probably best due to the patches. I made certain that I had the latest Windows 10 update then proceeded to download FS 2020 and the patches. Got home in the evening and hooked the pc back up but didn’t start the program until a few minutes ago. I arrived at the “Press any key to Start”, pressed a key then it asked me to insert a game disk. Well obviously I don’t have a game disk. Now i’m stuck and will have to search the forums for a possible answer… Anyway, thank you guys for your prior advice.

O.K. The solution to the above turned out to be simple. I had just been left clicking on the FS2020 icon when I should have been right clicking and choosing “Run As Administrator”. My bad.

This worked for me, simple and quick with no hassle. Thank you (Danke Val) Pieter.

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