Can I see a map of the country or city I'm flying over?

I set up a very long flight around the world (with unlimited fuel) and I’m following the waypoints, but as I fly over various scenery I’d like to see where I’m located at any given moment on a world map of countries or cities. Is this possible?

There is a rough VFR map available via the ‘V’ key which gives you some detail. If you want a “proper” map, something that looks like a road atlas say then use something like “Little Navmap” which is free. There are others (Plan-G etc.) but I haven’t used them so I can’t directly recommend them. This can give you (amongst other things) a moving map. The slight downside is that this one will not have your flight plan in it automatically, you have to load it seperately.


I would advise FStramp, this is an addon moving map, that also can show you flightplan. It’s not free, but good thing never are. (well some of them are actually but mentioning that would give me a ban i am afraid)

“Little Navmap” you can download for free.


This on is also free. FSPM VFR Map » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Thanks everyone, now I have many options.

I mention my free flight planner that comes with a moving, detailed, map.