Can I set weather for my arrival airport in advance? If not, there's an idea

I’m trying to set up a scenario where I take off in VFR conditions, but upon nearing my arrival, the weather turns sour, forcing me to then fly IFR and land on Instruments. Yes, I could simply change the weather in the settings when I’m close, but that takes away from the feeling of uncertainty and immersion of the whole scenario. I’d rather not just have thunderous clouds appear out of thin air. I think being able to preset weather for departure and arrival airports would be a GREAT feature.
Second thought, you know the failures tab? Where you can schedule an engine failure in your flight? Why not a page like that, but for weather? For example, 30 minutes into the flight, you’re greeted by a thunderstorm, forcing you to make the decision of landing, or braving the storm. (Or setting it back to clear skies ;))
I really like the weather system in the sim, and I’m excited to see what they do with it next.

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There are two posts on the wishlist with a similar request:

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Ah. I was not aware of this. Thanks for pointing this out, I will be voting for those.


It’s sad to see so little interest in these weather presets. It’s not very immersive to me to take off in pouring rain, fly 3000km over pouring rain and land in pouring rain. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: my example may be better with fog or even just wind coming out of the same direction for thousands of kilometers.

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Exactly! If only there were consistent, smooth transitions into various weather phenomena.

Aren’t cloudsweather depicted on the World Map at a very high level? Plan a flight fromewhere where there are no clouds to someplace with thick clouds. Then use Live Weather when flying.

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