Can liveries be changed

Can liveries be changed on the aircraft in the airport scenery by asobo to make it more realistic. Could I somehow use my downloaded livery?


But it’s complicated and I don’t have time to explain it all now. Maybe somebody else can. Until then, a little research will help you get there (I’m at work).

Just install the „liveries megapack“: FS2020 should pick liveries from there as well (I think at least for real-world traffic where the airline is known).

Probably not accurate, but you should get a more diverse selection.

One problem with those livery mega packs is they are causing stuttering for other players that don’t have them, at least after one of the two recent updates.

I think those liveries at the airport are assigned randomly. The more liveries you have, the more diverse your parked aircrafts would be. But none of them are currently matching the airport terminals with the airline livery.

I use add on linker and categorise liveries for Europe and the USA where I normally fly
So at LEIB you have only European airlines and at KLAX it’s only US/Canada airlines

I only do this with the A320 liveries

Advantage: you don’t get easyJet at KLAX
And you don’t get JetBlue at LEIB

Disadvantage:You have to add continental flights to both folders for true realism but this would mean adding another file with liveries like BA, Lufthansa, Air France but it all depends on your departure or arrival airports

It can get a bit confusing :roll_eyes:

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