Can MSFS run in VMWare (Virtually?)

Can I set up MSFS to run in VMWARE?

Don’t think you will enjoy IF you manage to install/run it.

As long as you make sure the VM has enough memory resources assigned (minimum specs at least) u don’t see it should be a problem.
Personally I would recommend to make a dual boot, to ensure all available resources from the hardware will go to the OS and therefor the sim

The issue is one to do with graphics since VMWare guests do not have access to the GPU.

Actually it does to a degree, but gaming in VMs is generally a no-no. I tried multiboxing 3 Everquest2 accounts in VMWare/Virtualbox, but it didn’t work so well.

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Yes, I suspect vm is just too slow to allow msfs to redraw the screens. Eh…thanks anyway! Hnlute