Can no longer start Scenery Editor in SDK

I have successfully used the SDK to create several airports in the past.
However, after moving MSFS 2020 to another drive I now get this error when starting the Scenery Editor:
“NetBingObj not found”. I get this whenever I open one of my airports.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled SDK 14 and even 13 several times, nada.

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I’m having the same issue…did you find a solution by any chance?

So I decided to create a new airport using SDK 14. I did the Build, flew into it, it worked OK. Then I went back in to edit it, and it worked! The SDK still does not work on my old airports.

Installed SDK 0.14.1 and Samples but opening any example and after building then trying to load in editor it always says:

NetBingObj was not found, please load any mission to keep on using the scenery editor.

Did you actually start any Flight before opening the scenery editor?
Usually that error means you are trying to open scenery in the main msfs menù,
You Need to start a Flight to make It work

That was it, this is the first time i’ve ever used this SDK and the docs do not mention this.

I am a seasoned developer and 3D artist, looking forward to making some scenery. The hardest part for me will be the SDK.

Thank you for your help.

You’re welcome on board

If you like tutorials, i suggest you this One about setting up a project

For scenery editor usage, strongly advice to follow Flying Theston tutorials (on YouTube)

I have seen this now more than once, and it is related to installing upgrades. Somewhere in the process the path / location changes from where it was. In the SDK under Tools, click on Virtual File System to see where it’s mapped now.