Can No Longer Start Sim or Install Update

I click on the icon start the sim. It immediately takes me to Microsoft Store “Gaming Services”. It tells me the game is already installed. But I cannot get back to the sim. If I click on the icon to start MSFS I just get taken back to Gaming Services. So I select Install on Devices and choose my PC. It then says “Starting Download” but never really starts.
In past updates, the sim would start and it would direct me to go to Microsoft Store where I could download the update. This is completely different.
How can Microsoft completely change the update process and not warn us? How can this even happen after this long and these many updates? The update process has always been non-intuitive and horrible compared to any other sim past or present, but this is unusable. Anybody else experiencing this? My system is a good one and not complicated.
Nothing in Community Folder etc…or anything else to explain this fiasco. I cannot even get to the opening screen.

Neither can I. Have been downloading for over 48 hours, Netlimiter says MSFS 2020 has downloaded 59 GB that is much more than the update? I already have MSFS installed hope I won’t have two copies.

Facing the same update problem. Just point me to "Microsoft Store “Gaming Services”. Thanks