Can not buy or download from the marketplace

… There is no a single way i can buy/download any scenery nor aircraft from Marketplace? Is anybody having the same issue?

Hi @Yuyo1977,
The category you posted in is for discussion of what is in the marketplace. I have moved your topic into #bugs-and-issues:miscellaneous

The marketplace is working for me.

What version do you have? MS Store or Steam?
Is the button greyed out?

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Hi! Thank you very much for tour time … The buttons of buy and buy & download are not gray, but upon y press them it appears a message like: error or can’t be performed.

What may that be? Thanx!

Are you using MS Store or Steam?

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MS Store … directly from the sim in my PC.

Try signing out and then back in of all Xbox apps that you may have installed. Do this with the MS Store app as well.

Check your MS Account that your payment is correct, current and that the localization/region is correct. Another thing to check is the date/time on your PC is all correct for your MS Account and payment region.

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Thank you! I will … its kinda weird because just minutes ago i do downlod the Nordic World Update; +3G and no rush at all, but as i try to buy it shows error. I’ll let you know, and thank very much again.

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Maybe too before you do what I wrote above, is check that Windows 10 and MS Store apps are current. And for good measure, restart your PC.

Had the same problem. Checked my MS account and found that in my email address the ‘@’ had been changed to ‘#’. Rectified and all back to normal.


Good morning! Thank you all for the support and help … indeed, the issue was around the region my WIN10 was appointed, vs. the region of the payment method. Solved that and I just bought what I was wanting. :slightly_smiling_face:

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