Can not save Settings, with every launch demand to “Set my experience”

After latest UK World Update 3 the other day, and on sim launch am now presented with the demand to “Set my experience”. This is now happening with every launch!
After the latest UK World Update 3 the sim started normally for few times, yesterday suddenly I was presented with the demand of “Set my experience” and this is now happening with every launch. There is no definitive answer in the forums. I have tried couple of proposals/solution with zero success.

My PC specs, i7 10TH GEN, RTX 2070 MAX Q,

I have submit this to Zendesk with ticket #94558

@coppersens hello, yes it is obviously related to the latest update of Gaming Services. You may check and vote here: UI broken and reset user settings - Gaming Services update - Bugs & Issues / Performance, Graphics & CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Please use the existing topic here:

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