Can PC fly with Xbox users


I have seen a few different answers and was curious if anyone could set it straight. Can PC simmers fly with people online that are using the Sim on Xbox.

My buddy got MFS2020 for his Xbox and I fly on a PC and was curious if him and I could fly together.

Wasn’t sure if the servers are crossed or if they are separate.

Thanks for any guidance.

My understanding is that it’s a shared world that allows both PC and XBox fliers to fly together. You will have to check options (all players, live players and share the same online server) to ensure you see the applicable players.
You might go find the original Discovery Series video covering multiplayer.

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Thank you!

Like a day ago i saw a plane with a nameplate:XBOX whatever the numbers were…

So ya… there isnt seperate servers just for xbox.

Pc and xbox are all in one… i think.

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Thank you! I have a buddy that got for Xbox. Thought it would be cool to fly together somewhere. Appreciate the response

you need to make sure , be on the same server !!! else you wont see each other, and
also set the mp level correctly.

I’m seeing much much more human traffic when online. Has there been a server limit increase? The skies are full of acrobats!!!

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The X-Boxers have arrived. While landing at KLAS, I saw at least 6 people crashing into the Luxor, MGM Grand and other hotels on purpose. Not to mention a 747 trying to land on the taxiway! Lord help us!


The servers cannot handle the load.

This is a BIG problem. I’m getting all kinds of messages about connection speeds and unable to stream Photogrammetry, at the moment. I’m on Xbox with OK speeds as well.

It’s wild out there. I went to Lukla Airstrip to take off and land with two of my friends. When I loaded into the airport I was met with 5 others doing the same thing.

The airstrip was very busy.

Yes we aren’t all ultra pro elitist simmers on Xbox and most of us see this as a game we can play to have fun and just chill, but doesn’t mean we can’t learn and enjoy the ride together. We tryin not to crash I promise :rofl:

That said can confirm nobody here gonna be waiting for ATC we see a runway we goin :100: