Can somebody tell me what this means - on the avionic screen?


I circled it in red =)

That orange thing coloured thing - what does that mean?

Were u on the ground or in the air?

Ground - taxiway.

I really don’t pay a whole lot of attention to that rectangle, but I suspect it’s a warning letting you know you are below the minimum altitude you have selected.

That minimum altitude is the “baro 200” indication below that.

That figure is manually inputted into the FMC from the approach charts of the airport, and indicates the lowest safe altitude, determined in this case by the barometric altimeter, that you can be at. If you don’t have visual contact with the runway by that point, you must go around.
For this to work properly, you must have the correct local barometric pressure entered in the altimeter.

That is what the term Minimums means, if you don’t have visual with the runway, go around!

There is also a more “reliable” minimum measurement determined by the Radar altimeter. This is indicated on the approach chart as well.
It too is entered manually in the FMC.

As mentioned though, I don’t really pay attention to it, Bartbus may have the correct idea, just saying you are on the ground.

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Cheers - that makes sense.

I have seen that orange thing before in the past - but yes makes sense.

Okay I have another issue - I will tell you about haha :slight_smile:

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