Can someone explain this performance observation?

So I turned on Developer’s Tools and tried 3 different settings, this is what I got:

100 TAA 100 XR

70 TAA 100 XR

100 TAA 70 XR


I get CTD when using 100/100, but no CTD when using 70/100 or 100/70. Based on the above screens, using 100/100 allocates much less VRAM than 70/100 and 100/70. That doesn’t make any sense right? Why could that be? Could this be the issue?

Another thing, the post resolution for 100/70 is less than 70/100, yet 100/70 has an overall crisper overall image with less shimmering of objects in the distance. Does that make sense?

Is there anything else that looks strange or even an interesting observation about this data? I’d like to hear it as I don’t know how to interpret most of these numbers.

I have a 3080 if that matters.

You might want to start with:

Tip: What counts most is he Final Resolution. This is the number of pixels FS2020 will render for each view:
Comparing Reverb G2 and Valve Index resolution and what does it mean with SteamVR and OpenXR

It won’t explain the CTD, but this should help understanding the “crispness” and “perf” differences you’re observing.

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Hi Cpt,

I read the linked post, but a lot of it was over my head. :smiley:

Where in the screencaps is the final resolution? Is it the first resolution that is listed?

If so, that would be mean the final resolution for 70 TAA 100 OXR is higher than 100 TAA 70 OXR, yet the image appears to be crisper for the latter. By crisper, I mean, the cockpit is much better but also distant objects in the scenery, such as trees and buildings, don’t shimmer as much.

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