Can someone explain why I lost rights to 70% of addons - Premium and Premium Deluxe

Well, it sounds to me like what is happening ATM is the forum collectively freaking out over what it pretty obviously an issue with MS/Asobo’s content/authentication servers. It’ll be fixed pretty soon, I’d think.


I hope so
I lost more than 2000 euros in addons



Can you please escalate this to the team? Hopefully it’s something that can be fixed before they leave on holiday

I’d hope so. I think it’s right to cause a stink but I agree I am sure it will be fixed soon and there’s no need to call for heads rolling or anything.

If it was the authentication servers, or the authentication database, it would be all products. Or it would be random what it shows as not purchased. The list never changes, no additional contnent gets removed from my system when I reload in. It is a consistent 2 out of every 3 products. Which means the database that stores this, it has lost those records

Good thing they’re all still installed in the official folder in case they ask :sweat_smile:. Also have an excel file with all my add ons and purchase locations because it makes for a nice 3D map

IT Nerd here, highly doubtful it’s lost. Likely they use a round-robin load balancer and 2 of the usual 3 nodes are not working properly. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen this I could buy a few addons.

Big problem here I got hundreds of dollars in addons missing from my content manager. Purchases failed as well . This ain’t good at all .



missing all kinds of stuff

scenery , planes, airports


I’m starting to be a bit upset honestly…also cause the fact they have never issued a single receipt for all the purchase through Steam does not help in this kind of situations.


I lost the CRJ 500/700 how can I trust on this game ??? many complains



We are investigating this issue and have escalated to the appropriate support teams. We are treating this with the utmost urgency. I will share more information with you as soon as I can.


It is cold comfort to those affected, but for anyone else who may be tempted toward excitability, this is NOT affecting everybody. I just re-loaded the sim after reading this thread and my Deluxe/Premium Deluxe content, plus all my Marketplace purchases are still present and accounted for.

So as usual when stuff is hitting the fan, panicking is never the optimal response.

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I also lost my CRJ 550/700…If it’s not one thing it’s another…


Got me too. Just bough the Baron in OnAir and then came to the sim to fly and was completely lost why it was missing. Filed a support case for this as well, but sounds like it’s a problem for others.

I can’t even get into the sim now. I was going along just fine until about 30 minutes ago, I went to start a new flight and the whole sim crashed, now I can’t get past the loading screen. It basically makes it all the way to the end and never completes.

EDIT ok after deleting the JF Arrow (what I had selected when I crashed) I can get into the sim so there’s that at least.

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oh well can laugh about it too, here my loading times have gone from 13 min to 3 min
but fun is different

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I hope the investigation doesn’t last as long as the Seafront simulation and PMDG DC-6 for the Xbox….


2000 €! Have you bought your computer on the marketplace?

On my Xbox my premium deluxe content doesn’t appear on my content manager but i can still pick the 787 for a flight…. One my many addon missing is FlyTampa KLAS but it’s still appear as a star airport on the world map… i load a flight there, everything was fine the scenery was there…. I did the same on my PC and it’s was the default auto-gen KLAS… weird!!

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