Can someone help me please

I’ve just done a flight on Xbox and I noticed a few things I need help with please.

For some reason my vs speed was in decimals every time I turn the nozzle. How do I change it into feet? (A320)

Also, it said I needed to reset my barometer pressure or something and I’m not sure how. So when I was in approach and I got told to decend, I was almost at the ground.

Please could someone help me. This is for the standard Xbox controls


are you looking at MACH speed maybe? changes at a certain altitude I think around FL320.

No when I first used the nozzle it was saying 1000 feet ect but then I got told to decend from 1300 feet to 3000 feet. So I changed my vs sped and the nozzle was in decimals.

That is usually because you selected the “mach” button next to the speed indicator, that switches it to decimals.

In what regards the barometer, it is the wheel that says 29.92, in PC you can reset it by pressing B, so there is a keybinding for that you can use in xbox if you configure it :wink:

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Ok Thankyou. Where do I press to reset it on Xbox?

And I’m not sure. My speed was in KTS and I didn’t change the speed for VS. It was in feet the whole time until I went to change it again and was going up/ down in decimals

It changes automatically when you reach certain altitude, you have to manually switch it back when going back down. It was bugged in the past and you could not put it back to numbers in the default plane but I think it works now.

In what regards the button to reset it on xbox, no idea man, I play on PC but check the control settings, there has to be a keybinding

I have found the button in cockpit. So when I have to reset it, would I set barometric pressure to standard? Or set barometric pressure to QNH? ( not sure what that means)

And if I do one of those, will it reset it correctly so when I get told to decend, it’ll be the correct pressure and I won’t be so low to the ground?

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Typically standard above 10,000 FT. you need to be at QNH as @Hugothester mentioned there is a key binding to change it.

for example, when you press “B” on your keyboard on PC it will set it to the correct QNH.

Ok so you recommend that everytime I go onto approach about 10000 ft, I should change the barometric pressure to QNH?

And like you said with the vs speed, to change it back to feet, I need to change my speed to Knots ratter than Mach?


You are correct, QNH is basically what measures airfield elevation if this is wrong you will not be at the correct altitude.

You can manually change the QNH figure yourself but there is a key which does it for you.

i’ll try find the key binding for you.

in regards to MACH/KTS yes I always change back to KTS manually around FL250 I think above that on the standard Asobo A320 it doesn’t allow you to change back to KTS.

by using managed speed and managed descent this will manage the descent for you.

an easy calculation to determine your top of descent TOD - A quick and easy way to figure it out is to start with your altitude above field elevation and multiply that number by three

example, your at FL330 and you need to get to 3000 ft.

33000 minus 3000 X 3 is 90nm plus 10nm to allow for speed decrease etc.

you would start the descent at 100nm from the airport, this is a very rough guide!

Ok thanks for your reply, so to reset the barometric pressure , I’ll just need to set it to standard then put it on QNH?

And it’s very confusing but let’s say I want to decend about 1200 feet per min, what vs speed would that be in decimals?

No that wont reset the barometer, standard is just for above 10,000ft. As soon as you get below 10,000ft you need to set it to QNH. every airport has a different QNH figure. On PC when I press the “B” key on my keyboard it will set the correct QNH figure for example 29.92.

you just need to find the keybinding in settings.

it’s not the end of the world if you dont change from QNH to Standard btw.

Oh ok, I just thought you have to do it because I was coming to 3000 ft but the airport is like 3500 ft so I baso was at 500 ft and I just want to make sure I know what to do for next time.
Thanks for your help

Yes QNH will always be different so it’s important you find that key binding, you could momentarily turn on “tool tips” as well and it will tell you when and how to change it!

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