Can someone put me in the right direction

Really looking to get a gaming PC specifically for MsFs 2020… is there a decent one I can get without having to make my own and choose different stuff as I don’t have a clue… ideally in the UK?

Newegg UK has ABS builds that are Asus Tuf machines. I got mine from them (canada).

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And is it good? I currently have it on xbox and really miss out on the add ons that PC gets especially liveries

Do you plan to do VR? That can have a big impact on requirements.

The sim is huge, so it helps to have a dedicated 1TB SSD or nvme drive, especially if you do community content, international world updates, etc.

There was a deal on a RTX 3080 (or 3070) equipped PC I saw the other day for under $2k USD, which is a steal as those cards are near impossible to get around that price on their own.

I run the sim great on an old AMD FX system and a GTX 1070. I’d say it’s minimum spec for VR and it brings me joy. I can max it out in 2D but can’t bring myself to fly that way any longer.

Video cards are the hard part now. New low/mid range junk cards sell for way more than they are worth and cards from 5 years ago are often better. But the high end used cards are crazy $$$ too.


No I don’t intend on VR just connect it to my 65" inch Samsung OLED TV thats all I want but will be looking to get a few 3rd party airports and definitely liveries

And probably won’t get a yoke or anything anytime soon after and will use the xbox controller

There are many ways you can go with the sim. Some people build full on cockpits, some go full VR and then some do a combo. Any pathway can get addictive/OCD. :smiley:

I’d definitely recommend having the dedicated drive, which is an easy add on to do yourself. Load times are painful so nvme might be good but I only have SATA SSD.

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Something off the shelf ideally thanks very much for your reply

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I (IT) have assembled mine from pcspecialist (UK) but they already have some assembled and are very available for advice.

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Dell makes a good off the shelf unit as well.


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Thanks for this

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I fly VR, it’s a high end rig but the Company that builds them are on the South coast, very good customer service. Goggle Punch Technology

What is the resolution of the TV? If it is just 1080p then you do not need a top tier system to run that.

No its 4k UHD

I have a LG 4K OLED C1 and just the other day I set PC to Ultra settings, picture was amazing, shame it can’t be reproduced in VR :weary:

Then you will want to aim for a system with either an AMD 6900 or nvidia 3080 ti. The 6900 has a lot more availability imo. 32GB of memory seems to be the sweet spot for the sim. If you can afford an intel system then DDR5 would help again provided it is of decent quality and frequency.

You have never mentioned a budget AFAIK see. This is assuming that you want the best experience you can get.

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Although I build my own for the last 10 years, previously I used Dell for home and work.
They have a solid reputation, good support and use quality hardware on their gaming rigs.
Alienware has dozens of options and price range.
I would also recommend the ASUS TUF series for dependability as oldpondgl mentioned.

Picking a pc is very opinioned… Set a budget and look for the best deal you can find :smirk:

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I would stay away from any “off the shelf units”, such as the Dell products suggested above. There’s a reason they rarely tell you what kind of motherboard is inside.

Instead, I suggest you find a site where they build the PC from parts of your choosing. Exactly which parts to select is largely a matter of preference and, more than anything, your budget.

Personally, I would go for a mid-range graphics card for now. The top tiers are insanely overpriced, and the difference is not that great when running MSFS because it’s so CPU demanding. I have recently built a new rig around an i7 12700K and DDR5 RAM, but I chose to keep my RTX 2070 until the GPU market normalises. Still, I can run everything at Ultra and get 40+ FPS with no stuttering in KJFK and Manhattan.

Oh, and not less than 32G RAM!

Edit: I forgot to mention that my monitor resolution is 1440.