Can someone put me in the right direction

OK thanks for this

Scan Computers at Horwich are well known for gaming PCs and had an offer on for one today (arrived in newsletter). They build lots of different gaming units, all the way up to liquid cooled overclocked monsters.

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Funny enough I looked at this

For orientation:

got an i5-9600k
32GB or RAM
850W PSU
Able of All Services and Grafics to Ultra, having around 40fps, 100Hz Monitor supports this 40fps of course.

It´s working fine.
You should go for a RTX 3070 minimum (e.q. AMD)

If you go for

i5-10600k (e.q AMD/or newer)
RTX 3070 (e.q AMD)
16-32 GB RAM
and a 800W PSU you should be fine and not broke afterwards.

Happy Flying!

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I had Best Buy custom build mine. I dont have the details on hand but ensure that the recommended grapics card is included.