Can’t calibrate HoneyComb Yoke

My yoke is causing at least three aircraft (CJ4, Longitude, and 787) to veer left and ultimately crash.

When in Controls Options and Sensitivity for the yoke, the white dot for JOYSTICK L-AXIS X was slightly in the the lower left quadrant and shaking.

What I’ve done so far:

Clicked on reset and adjusted settings.
Calibrated with the Windows calibration.
Used the YouTube “Secret Calibration” tool.

After using the secret calibration tool, the white did has moved to the upper right quadrant and is still shaking.

If I put the white dot in the dead zone (by turning the yoke to the left), it stops shaking.

It’s been quite a week for my simming! One problem after another.

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Contacted Honeycomb and they sent an RMA right off without any attempts at troubleshooting. Guess it must be a known hardware issue.