Can`t get past "Welcome" Screen

What a day… First i tried to install the game from xBox Live (Free with GamePass). After 4,5h Download, the installation seems to be good. But when the game has to start, i got a problem after
the “Searching for Update” Screen. Sometimes, i see the “Welcom” Screen but nothing else happend, the other time, there is a green Status-Bar among this Screen. But at the half, the Sound freeze and the Monitor becomes dark. At this time, i have to restart the PC.
After this, i go and buy the Standard Disc Edition and tried a nother Way to install the Game again with the 10 DVDs. After nearly 3,5h the Installation ends and i was able to download the 16GiB Upadete. But after the next 1,5h and installing the Update, i have the same Problem during the Start of the game.

Things i have already tried:

  • disable Virus-Scan
  • disable Firewall
  • Update Driver GPU
  • Deinstall and install VisualC+++
  • cancel all Background Apps
  • Stop all “not MS App” at Startup.

My System:
AMD Ryzen 7 2700x / 16GB-RAM / Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB VRAM <- Driver-Date 8/11/2020
1TB M.2 PCIe x4 Intel NVMe SSD /

Can anybody help?

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I found I had to exit the application, and then restart the application. When downloading, it was almost stalled at 1 mb/s. Restarting sped it up to 53 mb/s. When I got to the setup screen (after the welcome screen) I again restarted, and it was fine. When restarting the download, it restarted from where it left off, phew!

Does your windows username have a special character? If so, that might be the issue. Does not seem to handle a path with special chars (your windows user folder)

Thx, but the Problem is not the download. And i restarted the game almost an hundred times.

Try running as Administrator?

Did you change your Microsoft password? That’s what tripped me up
when it would not let me past the “press any key to start” screen.