Can’t Save a flight in VR?

When I press escape, and then the load/save button, a “normal” window is opened to name and save the flight. Trouble is, I can’t see it in my HMD. No problem, I remove my HMD and look at my monitor. Nothing. I can alt-tab, and the window shows up, but goes back ‘to the background” (not focused) when I select it. Then, I also have to use task manager to close MSFS. It’s like the program freezes/locks up. So I can never truly pull up that window, or interact with it to either load, or save a flight. Make sense? Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

Please report this to zendesk

Yes this is a problem I have too.

I took my headset of and it requires a bit fiddling around with which window has focus. You can actually use keyboard + mouse + alt+tab to try to safe and after that to get the flight sim working again. Got a successful save and continued the flight.