Can’t select multiplayer

When I go to flight conditions multiplayer, live traffic is greyed out and can only do ai traffic,And says the server is offline is this a bug?

Make sure you have Real-Time ONLINE selected here in the options menu

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Thanks, it’s working now

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OK, I have selected “Real-time Online” as Aircraft graphic type just as in the screenshot above.
I am online (profile status).
Still Miultiplayer is disabled in World Map/Flight conditions. (Live traffic, Live wheather is enabled)

Any idea?

I can only select off or ai online. There is no option for real-time online.

From the main menu where you selected your location, aircraft,etc there is a window labeled “Flight Conditions.” Click on it and the following screen appears

Yes, @KosmoQuaker.
The problem is the upmost selection is disabled. We cannot chose anything. (Cannot click to any button of the 3.)
(where the 3 option is: “Live players”, “All Players”, “Off Group only)”
Besides we cannot click any button, it seems the third (OFF) is selected.

i just got this issue, was working 20 mins ago, server issue perhaps cant select any or even change online status

same issue and ive tried sevearal things

  1. clock is synced
  2. xbox networking shows all good
  3. Firewall is set to default values
  4. UPnP all good in router
  5. Tried toggling every live setting and reloading every way possible
  6. worked in alpha and beta but not now in xbox gamepass now, and yes the beta is uninstalled
  7. Even if i join a group i cannot see them and they cannot see me
  8. server menu indicates good connection but airport activity chart says server disconnected

Im ready to commit seppuku