Can the official 'asobo-aircraft-b787-10' file be copied to my other copy of the simulator?

I couldn’t think which category to put this post in. Feel free to move it if necessary.
I know the title is sorta’ misleading, so please allow me to explain.

Somehow in my whimsical stupidity, I’ve wound up with two different copies of the simulator on the same hard drive. The Premium Deluxe version that I first bought from the Microsoft OneStore in July 2020, and the Standard version that I bought from Steam, a few months later-- only after going through the frustration of not being able to get into the OneStore to initiate an update.

I guess I lost my patience and figured if I can’t get the OneStore to run correctly, maybe I’d have better luck with Steam-- which I did. But I’d be darned if I was going to spend another $120 on the Premium-Deluxe version through Steam, but I didn’t feel quite so bad paying $60 for the standard version.

I thought purchasing the second copy of the sim, would automatically overwrite and delete my first copy (which the thought of was a bitter pill to swallow… I was going to chalk it up to learning a lesson the hard way).

However, a year later, I discovered I really still have the Microsoft OneStore Premium Deluxe version after all. It was just buried deep in another part of my system, and it’s .exe file & Package folder was out of reach, in a location different than where my Steam folders & files reside. Now I have shortcuts set up for both of them. How the heck I got myself into this situation…?

Now the facts: I copied and pasted the default Boeing 787-10 folder from the OneStore Premium-Deluxe version to the Steam Standard version. I think the Steam version runs a little quicker and is more stable, and I’d like to have the 787 in there. However, it didn’t take, despite copying the folder.

Now my question: Why not? Logically it should have worked, I dropped the aircraft folder in the proper Packages/Official folder. I’m wondering if there’s maybe some coding where it can sense I only paid the standard price for my Steam copy of the simulator, and therefore it won’t let it copy over, since it’s a Premium or Premium Deluxe aircraft?

If that’s the case, then I probably just answered my own question… discussion over.
However, if there’s a step I left out, and it should theoretically work, can you tell me what the procedure would be? I simply would like to be able to fly the 787 in the Steam copy of the simulator instead.

Thank you for your time, and pardon the foolish situation I got myself into to begin with.

the 787 is not in the basic package, you cannot copy the 787 form another installation in there , that is never going to work.

So it sounds like I answered my own question above. Premium items just can’t be arbitrarily placed into standard folders. Okay, thanks for answering/confirming my question so quickly.

Hi @b3burner,
Steam and MS Store have separate licenses. The 2 cannot be mixed; as you discovered.