Can the sim rate be displayed just like FSX?

Hi. In FSX, when you speed up the sim rate, it will display the current sim rate, so we don’t have to guess what the sim rate is. Perhaps when we speed up the sim rate, MSFS can also display the sim rate for a few seconds, and then the display can disappear. This way, we don’t have to guess what the current sim rate is.

It’s a super easy feature to implement. It wouldn’t take much time to implement this, but the benefit it provides us players would be so much because then we don’t have to guess the sim rate anymore (yes, it’s true that if we slow the sim rate down to zero, and then hit Ctrl + twice, it goes back to a sim rate of 1 but I am often second guessing myself on whether I properly hit Ctrl + twice; I would know for sure if the sim rate is displayed).

If my memory is correct, FSX would display the sim rate as 2x, 4x, 8x, etc. And if people are bothered by the sim rate display, it can disappear after a few seconds.

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a display to see the simrate should be implement in the sim thats true!

i use the tool “FS SimRate Bandit” a voice tells you wich simrate you have


On that note I would like to see even more text information return from Flight Simulator X (as an option of course). Co-ordinates (very useful for reporting scenery errors), current zoom level and so on.

These add ons are great, but one problem is, every time Asobo does a patch, 3rd party add ons may break and not work anymore. In addition, the more add ons you use, the more bugs and CTDs you encounter because the add ons may not work with the latest patch (hence, it is suggested to remove everything from your Community folder when you start to get CTDs and other bugs).

Anyways, thanks for the link. It’s still nice to have a 3rd party add on that tells you the sim rate. But I hope Asobo can implement this in the game soon because it’s very easy for them to do.

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a little more information, as long as it doesn’t clutter up the screen too much.

For example, to see the FPS right now, you have to change it to developer mode. But the FPS window in developer mode clogs up too much of the screen and it’s really not useable.

In FSX, the sim rate is shown in red in the upper right corner:

In the picture above, it shows “4x speed.” You can see the sim rate doesn’t occupy much real estate on the screen. Something similar to this in MSFS would be nice.

In FSX, they also have a menu where you can choose the sim rate.

Well, I’m not sure if we need that in MSFS. If we get the sim rate displayed, that’s good enough for me. But I do like the FSX menu system because it’s a drop down menu, which means you can fit more menu items on it. If MSFS changes to a drop down menu system one day so more menu items can be fit in, I wouldn’t mind if the sim rate can be changed from the menu like FSX.

Anyways, the priority is to at least show the sim rate, I think that’s more important.

This is so easy for Asobo to implement. It would probably take the right developer there like 1 or 2 hours to code this. I hope they can do it!

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