Can we get a basic FAQ please regarding updates - otherwise I've created one!

MS STORE purchased.

I have had no issues this is because every update I:

Open MS Store and download the latest MSFS update (plus whatever else MS Store downloads)
Run MSFS let it update
Close MSFS
Restart computer
Reload MSFS
Go into settings and see what’s changed (nothing usually)
Make sure Online options are selected and on
Delete rolling cache and create a new one
Go to content manager and see what needs updating/downloading
Clear out community folder if you have any weird issues.
Get rid of overclocks if your sim freezes

You should have no issues otherwise it’s on your end (internet settings/anti virus/software/hardware drivers etc).

Can steam people add to this. I think these issues all stem now from the fact that you don’t get game manuals anymore with games and people just want things to work perfectly straight away and have no patience to look to see what they’ve purchased. Nor have any critical thinking skills or problem solving skills.


This more or less matches the steps I take when any patch/update is released.

Can I contribute two other things I also do?

One is empty the community folder before any update and two is get MSFS to rebuild the Content.xml file. I said more about these steps in this post Addons in Community appear as NOT INSTALLED in Content Manager, after updating to and World Update IV, although they are installed - #39 by tamalien

Or read the patch notes and installation instructions - especially about making sure to go to marketplace and actually download the new world update (you didn’t include that on your list).

My approach is very similar to yours - minor differences:

I start by running the sim and it has, without fail, told me there is a mandatory update and redirected me to the MS Store.

I also empty the community folder first (or if I didn’t know there was an update, I do it once redirected to the MS Store).

I have always restarted the sim by pressing “Play” in the store.

Everything else is as you have above.

Always do a full reboot and restart of the sim after any updates and before any attempts at flying.

As a steam user I download the update from steam, start the game, let it do it’s update, then load the game and get the world update and all is well. I don’t empty the community folder. Same for every large update. I have a very straight forward setup with no strange hardware or popped out displays etc. Complexity is always the enemy. I would urge all players to keep things as simple as possible, too many variables can amount to too many problems.

We always give simple download instructions when we release an update:


  1. Some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior. Please move your community package(s) to another folder before updating.
  2. Open the Microsoft Store or Steam application (whichever you use to play the sim) and download the launcher update for the sim. More in-depth guide here.
  3. Launch Microsoft Simulator and install the in-game content update.
  4. Once in the sim, head to the Marketplace and download the free content update for France/Benelux.
    Source: Release Notes ( World Update IV: France/Benelux Now Available! - Microsoft Flight Simulator

What do you think we should add?

Needs more steps for the common denominator.

You forgot to mention going to the Marketplace and check for new free content, I believe.
Rather important with a World Update like this one. :wink:

What do you mean? That’s step #4.

I was referring to the list in the original post.

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