Can we get a Boeing 717 200 as a default aircraft?

Would like some new Boeing’s no sim has had before as default aircraft and I’d love to see the 717 200 as a default option because we only have the heavy Boeing aircraft and not the mid sized ones

That would be nice

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Agreed-I would like this plane. Especially on Xbox when we only have one Boeing Mid-size option: the 737 Max.

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Maybe ernter a wishlist request in the related forum category? It couldn’t hurt.:slight_smile: Thanks. --Redeye

What other wishlist category are you talking about? This is the wishlist category that the OP posted in.

I think I need an attitude adjustment. Sorry about that.

My apologies!

Just letting you know the OP posted in the Wishlist category :slight_smile: We all make small errors here and there.

The 717 always flew out of my local airport because AirTran had flown those occasionally departing from Rochester to Baltimore, Orlando, and Atlanta using the 717 200

Just for fun this is a picture of the 717 at my local airport