Can we get an update on the marketplace fix?

I really love the idea of buying all my paid add-ons through the marketplace so i have everything in the same place for easy installation and automatic updates. I understand there is a problem with the marketplace currently preventing new updates.

Can we get some info on when the marketplace will be updated/fixed with updates and new add-ons? How often will the marketplace be updated in the future and how long will it take for new releases to be added?


I would like to know the update frequency and new addons being added also… If this is weeks for a hotfix/update then I have no need to purchase anything from the marketplace.

Oh yes, there’s some problem with the marketplace. I just learned from OrbX’s forums, that “due to technical reasons outside our control, pending updates and new releases in the in-sim MSFS Marketplace have been delayed until at least 10 September.” - That would have been interesting news for the ingame “News”-Tab, or is there a technical issue with that feature too?

The lack of information on the state of the game starts to be a little concerning.

Yes they should at least tell us what the problem is with the marketplace. People who don’t know there is an issue are going to think it’s abandoned already. Also it’s strange we are getting info from 3rd parties instead of Microsoft.

It’s likely being addressed in patch#2 (together with first real gameplay bug fixes) but they should give us a document with known issues and progress. People these days are used to developers making blogs talking about what they are working on.

I think the sim is great, but being hyped and waiting a week every time for a vague update is not fun.

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Didn’t know it is at least the 10th of september now, when 1.5 week ago it was at least september 1st. I dont understand they keep the marketplace open with the problems it causes and affecting ratings for products that can’t be updated.

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The forum modulators seem to be closing down topics about the problem with Marketplace/London Landscapes updates, without adding any useful information to the forum.

So could I please ask the modulators if they have any information whatsoever about when this will be resolved?

If this is the official FS2020 website, surely we would expect some sort of announcement HERE as to the current situation.

Surely there is some sort of communication between the modulators and MS which could channel useful information towards the customers, you know, the people who are actually paying the MS/Asobo wages?

Surely there should be a warning to anyone using the Marketplace that they are not buying the latest version?

Sadly, at the moment, there are no answers, just stoney silence and indifference.

@ExtraPilot6480 The two ORBX London Scenery threads were closed as they were no longer relevant as there has been a patch released by ORBX.

The threads were not closed to stifle discussion concerning the market place in MSFS. Like everyone else I hope this issue gets fixed asap.

The Mods have no special insight as to the progress of the resolution of this issue. Forum mods are regular forum members who have volunteered for the mod role and are not employed by MS or Asobo.

If I hear anything concerning marketplace updates I will happily post about it :smile:

The patch was released to direct Orbx customers, while those like myself who bought through the Marketplace AFTER the patched version was released, were given the faulty version. The update is still not available on the Marketplace. Therefore, I personally think both threads are still relevant.

I do sympathise with you if you are getting no help from MS, but you must admit the way they are treating this matter is not good. I see no way I can make this plain to MS other than by posting on these forums, and even this looks to be doomed to failure. Comparing this to the service on competitive sites is like chalk and cheese.

I certainly shall go to the developers sites to buy future add-ons, if I remain with FS2020.

Just a gentle reminder to one and all that the forums are not an official support platform for MSFS. The forum welcome post makes this clear.

All bug reports and issues need to be made through the official support platform which is Zendesk (Link at the top of the forum.) Similarly any feedback that you wish to send to MS has to be sent through that platform if you want to be sure it will be seen by MS. The forums are a place for fellow simmers to help each other out with tips and tricks and to exchange information.

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The marketplace is updated with new addons since today… But…no updates for addons yet…

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I’ve bought the rest of my addons directly, but i’d rather have them all in one place just to have it less ‘complicated’ keeping up to date with multiple developer studios… But not if updates are rolled out monthly or weeks.


same here. I’ve promised myself that this time, with MSFS, I’ll try my utmost best not to give into downloading/installing separate launchers/installers just to inject an addon into the sim. If an addon is needed it will have to be from within the sim. Absolutely fed up of having to create an username and password just to buy X addon, then create another username and password to access their community forum, and yet another username and password to access their support system.

As if that was not enough, some developers (won’t mention them by name out of respect) now require you to download/install a desktop client which requires its own username and password (on top of the ones I already mentioned).

This time I don’t care if your addon is study-level, NASA-level or Pythagoras-level. If it ain’t offered though the MSFS in-sim marketplace, you ain’t getting my money. I’ll click once on the Buy & Download button, and then may be click two times more to input paypal/credit card password, and that’s where it must end.

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Updates are available, if you dont see a download available delete the content and redownload the addon, it will then show a download button to update.

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London Landmarks update now available, and works!

Flightbeam kden is still a version behind (1.0.2). Latest version is 1.0.3

Did you delete and redownload? I thought KDEN was already 1.02 before today?

Mir said that the market place v1.02 is equivalent to Direct purchase v1.03.

You guys should be good to go and ready to rumble. Happy flying.