Can we get an update on VNAV?

VNAV does not work properly i.e. aircraft do not follow Vertical profiles accurately or respect Alt/Speed constraints. When can we get this functionality fixed?

In what aircraft? The Working Title CJ4 and G1000 NXi support VNAV (with the 3000 it’s advisory only atm). I’m not 100% sure but I also think the Salty Simulations 747-8 mod supports it.


Yeah I’m thinking the answer here is that they’ve outsourced it to the Working Title team, end of story. Apparently big improvements coming for g3000 this spring.


Knowing Working Title that can only mean a good thing, lol.

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It’s nice that some 3rd party devs have made VNAV work, but we really need the capability natively in the sim.

If VNAV was working properly natively, then improvements would be available everywhere, like on avionics systems that are not actively maintained by 3rd parties, and ATC could give you instructions to follow SIDs, STARs, and approaches without the weird, constant, specific altitude instructions.

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Really looking forward to spring then!

Working Title are no longer third-party and at some point the G1000 NXi will become stock. They plan on fully fixing up other avionics (and also improving aircraft) too such as the G3000, GNS430/530, C700 and I believe the 747-8. Also, they will be reworking stock ATC.

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Yes, the CJ4 and NXi support VNAV but as @PlzNoCrash9950 said it needs to be implemented natively (as it was in previous MS Flight Sims, X-Plane, etc). As a major part of one of the three main axis of aircraft manoeuvring (Pitch/Roll/Yaw) one would think it is a vital cog in the machine? Sound, scenery, etc are important too, but IMHO, not as important as VNAV. At the moment ALL working VNAV solutions are external to the core sim. I know WT are a part of the team and are working hard to get more functionality in the sim, I just happen to think this is more important than any of the other “nice to have” components so I posted here to see what you all think and hopefully get a response from Jorg, Sebastian or Martial.


I don’t recall past versions in the series supporting VNAV natively. If anyone is going to be overhauling avionics it’s more than likely going to be from Working Title which like I said (and you have acknowledged) are part of the team now.

EDIT: I’ve dug into a guide for the Garmin 500 in FSX and it mentions nothing about using VNAV, the real unit however does support it. The Garmin 500 was very limited in function and inappropriately found in some aircraft in FSX. I’m sure when the 430/530 are overhauled in MSFS by Working Title it will be supported.

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The WT G1000 NXi, the new G3000 based on their new nav system, and an updated version of the CJ4 will replace the stock G1000, G3000, and CJ4 in the sim at some point in the not too distant future and won’t be 3rd party downloads any more.

The GNS530/430 doesn’t have full VNAV, only advisory. So that’s a non-issue.

This is already happening. For the time being, use the WT products until they get integrated into the sim. Problem solved.

It has advisory VNAV only. Use the PMS50 GNS530 mod and it works about 95% like the real world unit, including its VNAV.

That I know, use it in another sim often in an addon I have (though a 530). In FSX it had this feature though? The unit was very, very basic.

For the time being the PMS50 mod is the way to go. But from what I understand, WT are rebuilting the GNS units as well. Seems like a waste since PMS50 has nailed it already though.

I’m pretty excited for that.

I’d rather see PMS50 make his GNS work with the new nav system SDK WT released like he’s doing with the GTN750 and have WT work on something more productive that someone else hasn’t already done to perfection.

The only thing wrong with the GNS units atm is that they use the stock nav system and flight planner. Otherwise, they’re nearly 100% identical in function to the real thing.

While I agree with you it’s probably because WT is contracted to improve base sim avionics, so they have to do it themselves. That way PC and XBOX both benefit, as XBOX can’t use external mods.

Likely so. Still though, seems like it’s a waste to redo something that someone else has already done to perfection. If MS were to allow free mods into the store, or PMS50 were to sell the GNS for a few bucks, that issue would be solved.

But in the end, I guess it doesn’t matter. As long as we have a fully functional GNS, I’m happy.