Can we get FPS cap option for the menus?

If I leave the game open on the menu screen, it’s rendering the hangar/world map at 144 fps pulling 300 watts for no reason. Can we get a menu cap option please?

no please not, this is my test if my GPU is still alive. While it is not utilized in the game, at least in the menu I can hear the fan… and know it survived.

*Sarcasm off

of course I gave my vote :wink:

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Yeah, there should be a separate cap that applies to the installation manager as well.

Setting a frame rate limit cap, in my case 60fps, in the GPU driver is a workaround for now.

Yes it would be useful.

can we wait until Spring? because I find this feature handy turning my computer into a heater during winter :joy:


any Nvidia user can use river tuner to cap frame rates for any application

my gpu is constantly maxed out in the main menu… which is really annoying because I like to tab out of the game sometimes and I don’t see the point of rendering the plane in the background.

It would be nice if we could turn this off, and give our poor graphics card a break


I support it. FPS can drop to such an extent that a click is not detected.

100%. I find that I spend a lot of time in the menu while l am planning flights and looking up charts. would great if my gpu wasn’t pegged at 100% in the menu. I don’t understand why there is so much usage in the menu anyway.

It would be great if there was a setting for maximum FPS in the main menu. Otherwise the PC will try to permanently provide unnecessary frames that are not needed in the main menu. My fan literally screams for a throttle in the main menu.

Just switch vsync on again. :thinking:

The fans noise is for extra immersion. Also looks like I will not need heating this winter.

Every time I’m back in the main menu? Vsync doesn’t really improve the fps, so you have to turn it off again and again in the game.

I don’t have to, I just leave vsync on. No 1000 FpS (fictitious number) in the main menu, no loud fans.
Or fix your FpS higher. For example at 120. Just try it.

While everyone obliviously wants maximum performance while flying, rendering at maximum framerate is unnecessary in the menus.

Because FS takes such a long time to start, it’s inconvenient to quit when doing something else on the PC or being AFK for a while. However, leaving it running just results in a lot of heat, noise and wasted electricity.

Being able to set the menu framerate independently to the sim would be a very useful way to get around this.

other words, we need sim launcher

Whatever it is it needs fixing. Nearly maxing out CPU and GPU when nothing is happening is crazy.

Did you try to set max fps in your gc driver? I’ve set it to 45 fps max and my sys is totally calm in menu and even in flight.

While in game I use RTSS to limit frames to 40 (in my case). If I keep the limiter on while in menu it takes ages to load… when I set RTSS to 0 which is actually like running it OFF the sim loads up lightning fast!!! (On an NVMe2 drive). What I am saying is you can use RTSS to limit fps in game Only and disable it while in menu.