Can we have an option to display the pilot avatars in the cockpit view?

ASOBO has created very good looking pilot avatars , but the problemis that they are only shown in the outside view. Right now there is the co-pilot mod by Mugz which getting thousands of downloads on the I think this option should be there by default as it something that is not difficult to implement. This will improve the immersion significantly by giving you the feeling of being actually in the cockpit.

YES please!
I have flown around with it on in the H135 mod without a single gripe… all it took was simply clicking the seat to enable/disable the avatar.

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The BlackBox BN2 Islander has this feature set as standard…

Both pilot and CoPilot/Pax visible in exterior views but PILOT Invisible when your in the seat
Also Removable by taking the weight out of the loadstation


Also, just imagine seeing the pilot in the Top Rudder 103… This plane will be on a new whole level!

The Cessna 152 JPLogistics Mod and the Diamond DA62X Mod have a feature to show the Pilot avatars while in Cockpit.
They can also show the Co-Pilot. Look up which button incockpit to press in the descriptions.

However, disable the regular co-pilot mod on Cessna 152, or it isn’t working well when used with the JPLogistics Mod.

You find both mods on

It’s at least a start.

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