Can we have our Classic flyby views and tower views back please

Can we have the classic flyby view back please and the tower view i think the sim is missing it also some other views like xcamera

I see this topic somewhere but I think it is right to put it in the wishlist category.
The flyby view is different from the external view given by FS2020 because when your plane turns the horizon moves as if the camera were fixed to an airplane which follows you. The movement of the horizon needs to be studied to simulate the inerzia of the chasing plane. This effect is extremely realistic, and if you get used to it, in the normal external view the plane looks fake, no matter how sophisticated the flight model is.

Another point, regarding both FS2020 external view and the flyby view:
if you want to look closely at the plane, you don’t have to use the zoom, which alters and blurs the landscape in the background. Instead, you have to move the camera position forward. But in FS2020 it seems that the camera position can only be mapped for the inside view. Does anyone know how to do this?


With military aircraft coming soon to the Marketplace, I would love to see some additional camera modes that permit a fly-by and other fixed ground or air locations that track the aircraft. I have created some stunning videos in the past within DCS, enjoying the thrilling sounds of a fighter jet blasting past!


Please add back Tower view from previous MSFS versions, thx.


And a top-down view.


I was kinda surprised this wasn’t included as there are numerous other camera modes. Having the ability to raise or lower the camera fly-by view would be kinda neat also, so once the ability to record flights is implemented it could be viewed as someone watching an aircraft fly overhead as is done during an approach (Siint Marteen leaps to mind). Would just add another dimension to those wishing to make a video with MSFS 2020.

FSX had a flyby cam.
I would like to have one here too.


Second that!


Second that, plus easier passenger views


If you have a look through the camera.cfg file there is already a towre camera and other from FSX too, not sure if they gonna use it but it makes me hopeful.

On the other hand you can tell they just copy pasted a lot of code directly across so maybe it’s just legacy code knocking about.


i will have a look interesting that is

Also a flyby view one …lets hope someone can get it working


I also like the Tower view, I hope they come back.


+1 for flyby view and pax view


Hi just a small niggle, but i miss the standard flyby view that’s is included with every flight sim i know …yet not this one for some odd reason. Why isn’t there a basic FLYBY view? we have so many camera options and drone views which are ok but no flyby…The flyby view is one of my favourite camera options.


Yes ive voted it up…weird how its not included. I SCROLLED DOWN THE WISH LIST BUT IT STOPS with a loading rotating icon forever!!! so i only found this post after trying to post my own flyby view post. so i doubt it will get many votes which kinda defeats the Wishlist if people cant see all of it to vote.

Used it frequently in FSX/P3D it would sure be nice to have that simple to execute feature. It should be hung on a rt-mouse button click drop-down menu, along w/ a host of other frequently access actions.

Please add that option into 2020…playing ‘controller’ was a ball!


Also was fun doing “R/C” flying from the tower view


I would love a flight recorder like DCS and the ability to set pre-defined locations on the map where cameras are stationed … and set height, angle, zoom, depth of field and whether they track your plane. Then you could replay your flight like an airshow and record incredible fly-bys by swapping to each camera :slight_smile: