Can we have our Classic flyby views and tower views back please

What I feel is really, really missing is the ability to have a dedicated flight replay system on Xbox. I can’t even begin to understand why it’s missing in the first place…

Right on! I literally just stumbled upon a way today to place a drone on the edge of a small hill and watch my plane fly by through a valley. Exhilarating to say the least. Too bad you can’t control the plane while in drone mode.

Yes but maybe possible some day.

It is a one button press and then a four button control for direction an others to give all the control you would ever need.

You can. Press C (unless you changed the default binding). This will toggle between aircraft control and drone control. Quite difficult to do though, controlling the aircraft while your drone cam is fixed quite a distance away.

Okay I’ll have to figure out how to do that on Xbox then. Thanks for the tip. Shouldn’t the too hard to figure out.


Oh, well I don’t know if it works on Xbox, but if you have a keyboard I’m sure it does.

Yep, you can hook up a mouse and keyboard to the console.

I agree that the drone offers interesting views, but it is absolutely useless for a nice fly-by. I strongly support the question of having just a one-keystroke or button to switch from insideview or external view to Fly-by, just as was the case in FSX and Prepar3D,
So, Asobo, MSFs, or someone else: Please make a Flyby possible.
Piet de Geus

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Indeed… very well put. And maybe even more importantly, not only in the last several versions of the sim, but in all other sims as today.

That shouldn’t be too hard to implement, right? Making for some very exciting jet fighter flybys and equally impressive landing and takeoff flybys in your favourite airliner or plane.

Asobo… Camoh Mayen!

The proof that it is not hard is that everybody else, in the past and today
has it. But Asobo prefers to dedicate its full attention to landscapes and more landscapes,
and arcade planes, and more arcade planes, completely neglecting this most basic and
elemental feature of a proper flight sim.

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Well, I’m glad it’s free on gamepass. I don’t see any genuine reason to buy it.

That’s not proof of anything … A very credible explanation is they have decided it can be much better served once DX12 has been fully implemented (and is the main choice for simmers).

Is this any use? How turn off HUD? (SOLVED) - #6 by RoomiestZoo1660

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Thanks for your help…

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I think we should get used to the idea of not getting a flyby view. It is now over 2 years and if they haven’t put it in by now, they never will. I’m flying more in VR nowadays and judging by other flight sims, the flyby view in VR doesn’t work so well (FSX-FlyInside, P3D4, Aerofly FS2, even X-Plane 11.) There seems to be a problem with getting the distance and/or focus right.

The only one who gets VR flyby right is DCS World, but that is a totally different game engine and Russian programmers, who are probably a lot better than the French…


To think i set this topic up nearly two years ago and reading all the comments above and Asobo did say its coming …but still Nothing makes me wonder now or is it handed to a 3rd party who knows .

certainly not us !


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There is another topic with nearly 200 votes asking for a Camera API for 3rd party developers.

Opening the camera system is continually being asked.

Asobo, we are asking kindly, here! Please open up the camera system for 3rd party developers.

Imagine the content that could come out of that!!


I know it’s a bit off topic but I’d love an auto-level camera view, where the horizon remains in place while viewing the world from the passenger seat of an airliner. :slight_smile:

Just sayin’… :wink: