Can we Have Snow Coverage in the Sim, After It Snows?

I was wondering if there are any plans to incorporate current snow coverage into the sim? There are plenty of sources for data to use, and I would guess that MeteoBlue has that information too.

I’d love to see snow on the ground where it is in real life. As far as I know, we only see snow if it’s snowing at the time.

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Yes I just noticed this, snow depth is 50 cm @ KTEX as of this post but ground cover is still green in live weather mode. Would it be difficult to include snow reports in the weather data?


Sounds like you’re going to get your wish in this upcoming release:

Finally, given the time of year, the [December 22] update will add real-time snow and true-to-life ice coverage to the entire planet.

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Wow, that’s great news, thanks for sharing that.

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My pleasure! Looking forward to this snow coverage, too!

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This item was delivered as part of Sim Update 2 (