Can we not get any GA airplane without GNS 530/430?

First of all, there are not much analog cockpit aircrafts available in the market. Secondly, those which are available without G1000/3000, all of them are mostly fitted with GNS 530/430. Why?

I highly appreciate the functionality of these systems but does it has to be there in every analog cockpit! I can appreciate the option of having a ‘true’ analog cockpit even more.

Let it be a carenado pa28, pa34, pa44, lion hearts’ trininad tb21, all of them has it. If all of them has the same system, how different overall experience can be?

Apart from stock C152 I don’t see any other analog cockpit which doesn’t have GNS 430/530. Isn’t there any other system in the market?

Best case scenario I have seen is Just flight’s pa28, which let’s you select which system you want with their included ‘efb’ tablet. You can go almost ‘stock’ with it. Can’t we have more of those!

Am I missing something?


JF Arrow let’s you swap out all glass for analog Nav devices. Since this is the best plane anyway, just get that!


Piaggio P149, YMF-5, Stearman, and, as noted above, JF Arrow has a analog nearly only cfg (who would use a G100?).


there’s always that little switch on the GNS that … turns it off. lol


You can’t really turn it off unless you disable your master avionics switch.

That said, you don’t HAVE to use it. I’ve been having a blast using VOR and NDB navigation in the C172. I just switch the GPS screen to another page so I don’t have my flight plan traced out and fly it old school using my radios and gauges.


The 310P from Milviz will probably come as a pure steam version. That’s what I remember they’ve said.


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Did you read their post?

Quite a few stock aircraft have gauge only cockpits.
Savage Cub, DR400, Pitts Special…
Not sure what you’re really missing.

The volume knob turns off the display.


Well ■■■■. I didn’t know this. Will have to check this out for myself. Thanks for that info.

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One day they will come, Xplane has plenty, including the TBM, C208 and KingAir full steam. I ALWAYS switch off GPS features, removes all the fun of flying for me. Indeed, thats the reason why I dont use Airliners, I find no fun at all just loading the FMC, pressing the auto pilot and just… watch… but a lot of people love that. :slight_smile:

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Yep. I have to agree - there are too few. But there are some very good ones. JF Pipers … all of them 'nuff said. And the breathtaking DC6. What do you mean it’s not GA? It is the way me and the AI flight engineer fly it :laughing:

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Yeah, why?

Because they are well aware of the JF Pipers and brought it even exemplary for such aircraft:

And you just repeated it.

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“I have seen” doesn’t exactly imply that they own it. Whatever, have fun

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Thanks haha

Thanks for these suggestions, but these are fairly old aircrafts. And I think only Piaggio can be used for IFR navigation.

Exactly my point.

I don’t own anything, it’s about repetition haha.

lol it’s not GA. An airliner, good old airliner.

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You said “but theese are fairly old aircraft”. That’s how it is. I’m not so sure if IRL you will find any GA airplane serviceable but not GPS equipped, regardless if old or new.