Can We Please Get A Proper AI Co Pilot Fix?

For those of us who do not have any flight hardware, be it a stick or yoke, we, at least I find it pretty much impossible to land with the keyboard. So until I am able to get my hands on the hardware i am willing to spend my money on I am stuck using AP (which has been much much better since last patch or 2) and AI Co Pilot which has been absolutely terrible since last patch or 2. No matter how perfectly I line the plane up with the runway either manually or with AP, once I give control to AI co pilot AKA Jimmy, he ALWAYS goes off course and lands 50 feet off the runway in the grass! and half the time I turn it on it immediately overspeeds even though I am at the proper AOA speed and config for landing. I never see ANY notes addressing these AI co pilot issues in any patches…I can’t be the only one who plays this game thats in this position? Why are they not even mentioning fixing it? Cause they have no intention to fix it? Cause it’s not that high on the to fix list? I would understand that, but again I never see ANY mention as to it even being worked on in snapshots. Cause they don’t even know it’s an issue?

I can’t see that being the case as i just can’t see me and only me relying on it to land. I am not mad, I am just trying to understand and figure out if this is even on their radar.