Can we please get an update on Multi Monitor support?

There are so many who are waiting patiently for this, and have invested serious money in their home setups!

Multi-Screen is on their development roadmap for 2021-2022:

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Honestly, just go VR. So much better and cheaper than buying a bunch of 2d monitors. Once you go vr you won’t like monitors anymore.


VR is useless for a pit builder.


I love my 3 x 40" screens, X-Plane looks AMAZING on them. I’m sure VR is fun, but I don’t want to wear a headset for hours!


I would absolutely love to see multi monitor support get some love. I would already be satisfied if the image is fully rendering over the real estate I have instead of just stretching the current views. Would be great if Asobo can address this in the Q&A and get it forward in the planning. Regarding VR: It may work for you, but building a home cockpit just doesn’t work well with VR. And indeed 1h+ flights get quite uncomfortable.


VR is nice but it’s not “Once you go vr you won’t like monitors anymore,” nice. :slight_smile: Not yet. There’s still the whole comport, FOV, resolution, frame rate (need I go on?) issues with ALL current (affordable) VR headsets.


At the moment I would be happy if they would make the layout for the popout screens saveable. Now i have to arrange it new every single flight and thats very annoying. I go with 5 Monitors and have to place the instruments eg. for the A320NX every time.


Yes, absolutely. Not being able to save the pop out panel positions and no multi monitor support at the moment are the reasons, why I still have to wait building my homecockpit…it would be nice, if they pay a bit more attention to these two.

They did “promise” that they would. The issue that I currently see is that MSFS has brought a huge influx of desktop flyers that will play FS in the same way as they play any other game, with no want or need to get into pit building.

That is absolutely wonderful and helps fund the genre BUT… most times that I mention anything to do with features needed to create a full sim (especially in Discord), I’m shot down with “only a handful of people would ever use that” or “there are too many other things to fix first”. While that is also true, there will ALWAYS be other things to fix.

Hence why I’ll continue to blow the horn so that this niche of simming is not forgotten.


That‘s exactly what I assumed and thank you for your effort!

We need more people like you blowing the horn, I will also write them via discord. I guess the more asking for it, the more attention they will pay on simpit builders right?


I’ll probably get shot down for this too but bear in mind that…

Most of the original forum mods here that are still involved likely come from a general gaming and desktop flying background. They also started the Discord server that became the official MSFS server and they choose the moderators and admins across all online forums.

I’m not aware of any of them having a pit building background, so not only does our hobby not represent a significant portion of users, it’s also not represented at any higher level then you or me, so we’re fighting an uphill battle.

I could well be wrong and this is one of those areas where I’d love to be shown to be wrong.

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I want multi screen functionality. I have a home cockpit with 3 screens, fully enclosed, butt kicker, air manager, etc. Xplane runs great on the setup using just my RTX2070.

I don’t have high hopes asobo will get this right unfortunately. They have a hard time getting MFS to run well on 1 tv, let alone 3.

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The dev focus at present is Xbox release.
That’s a platform which will only ever have 1 monitor attached.
Multi-monitor support is therefore way down on their list of priorities because it’s not needed at all for the Xbox market.

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Yes, we have been on a “Hold” for a while. Sure would be nice to give use mulit-monitor capability plus identifiers in multi-player with programs like JoinFS. Our multi-player group have MS2020 but most fly P3D because of limits in MS. My P3D three monitors is simply outstanding. Just saying!!! LOL

I’m changing the shortcut name on my desktop to read “Microsoft Flight Game”…until we have Multi Monitor Support, better VR, accurate Flight models, solid ATC, and great 3rd part development…

All the things a SIMULATOR in 2021 should have!

Microsoft has the bucks and Asobo has the know how…throw some $$$ at it, and get it done please!


Hmmm, I can see that they still have a way to go to keep the masses happy, but it would be nice to have something that’s not a year out on a timeline, or at least some confidence that it’s not going to continually get pushed out.

…not disrespecting the Herculean effort to get this software functional… just don’t want Multi Monitor Support to be forgotten in the rush for everything else… I only purchased the Sim for the one reason that the developers said it was supported.