Can we please have a world update for New Zealand

New Zealand looks pretty good in MSFS but it would be great if you could:

  1. Make the mountains sharper.
  2. Improve the low res ground textures.
  3. Add New Zealand style buildings (houses, shops etc). These would probably work for parts of Australia too.
  4. Add New zealand trees and palms. e.g. Kauri, Beech, Nikau, Cabbage etc.
  5. Fix the roads. Many of the cliff side ones display as vertical, Improving the DEM might help.
  6. Fix the rivers. We have wide braided rivers here and the river tracks in the sim look like thin angled snakes running across the river bed.
  7. Some POIs would be nice. e.g. Sky tower and bridge in Auckland, Beehive in Wellington. Some Whales in Kaikoura.

Thanks for a great sim!

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