Can we please have VOR and ILS Frequencies displayed in the NAV window while flying?

VOR and ILS frequencies are there in the world map while creating a flight plan but once you load the flight, there is no way of accessing them. One could jot them down on paper after creating the flight plan but this is a pain to read and a total immersion breaker if you’re flying in VR.
It would be awesome if these were available in the Nav Log in the in-flight drop down menu and could be accessed while in flight.

How do you access them in the world map when planning your flight? I can’t see them. They are not on the map and I have tried everything. The closest I’ve gotten is tower frequencies but not VOR and ILS. Any advice is appreciated!

I figured it out… :slight_smile: But you are certainly correct that it needs to be available in-flight.

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Glad you figured it out! In case others have the same question, If you click on the blue Nav log button in the world map page (after you’ve created a flight plan) it brings up a pop up box with the VOR waypoints and frequencies.


Using the Garmin 3000 the frequencies are also available during the flight.

Yes, but not all planes have glass cockpits. In fact the only way to navigate while flying a cessna 152 is through VORs and you need to have the frequencies handy while in flight. If your flight is long, you may have 5 or 6 VOR frequencies and it’s impossible to remember them all. Like I said in my first post, you could write these down but that’s of no use if you’ve got a VR headset on. Everyone has to use the vfr map now to navigate and that’s not fun.

I think a better request would be : “Please fix the avionics in the default aircraft so that they can be reliably used for navigation”

A GNS unit should allow you to look up waypoint information.

Yes> Frequency availablity would be a boon to both VFR and IFR flight. Please bring this to fruition in an effort to make the various NAV systems more immersive.

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Glad you agree! Now go press the vote button on the top of this page to register your agreement :wink:

Agreed for the planes with GNS units. However there’s no GNS unit in the C152, just awesome old school VOR 1 & 2 gauges.

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I am hoping they would greatly improve both the flight planning and in flight maps to include waypoint, airport and weather info and maybe SIDs and STARs too. It is a bit cumbersome to scribble down a bunch of frequencies and runway headings and altitudes.

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nav stations need to be accessible inflight not only as waypoints. They are official and important navigation aids and are there to be used. So whenever I want or need to know a VOR frequency there must be a way to find it. As I can‘t look at any external devices in VR (and shouldn’t have to do that in 2D either) there must be a complete map available in the sim. Yes, just like in other sims too.

Complete means: airports, nav stations, ILS/LOC, ideally airways and intersections. Objects clickable with a popup containing all frequencies, NO tooltips like on the main map that overlap everything else.

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Agreed. Strange thing is that FSX had it almost 15 years back. I miss the fsx flight plan map, it had almost everything! Asobo, please just replicate it :pray:. (and overlay it on high def bing maps preferably :wink:)

Please do vote by clicking on the vote button on top of this page if you haven’t done so already. That’s the best way to bring it to Asobo’s attention.

I use a pilots knee board and write the info down. I can see to read and write through the gap between my nose and the headset. For me It’s less immersive breaking than you might think as it’s quite the same as you do irl.

I used to do exactly that in fsx and it was amazing but with the Reverb G2, I find doing that extremely cumbersome (especially with spectacles on).

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When you open World Map you see at the bottom toolbar the Open Filters-button. Click on it and second from below you will find: Navaids. Select them to on and when you click on any displayed navaid and you can see all the information you want before you fly.

Thanks but are they also visible during the flight? That’s the big question.

No. Did you try Littlenavmap? Most of us use that tool.

Yes, but a default built-in solution would be more convenient don’t you agree. I don’t suppose it would be too hard to implement as the data is already there in the sim but then I’m no developer and could be wrong.

Yes, I agree, and implementing will be no problem, the use off resources will. The more you display the more you use and performance is allready an issue for many. You have my vote.