Can we start a “Concorde improvement mod “ on

There is a community mod for almost every plane on msfs and just think one for this Concorde will be great , not because it’s lacking , but because it can only be a positive thing like it has been for the other models

May be nice to try a “clean” interior without the ageing for eg


I subscribe to this YT’er and generally like most of his reviews. However, having said that, his review flight lacks some degree of credibility in that he made no effort to balance CG for cruise or landing, while at the same time complaining that the aircraft seems under-powered or doesn’t have the performance he feels it should have based on his experience with a totally different product on a totally different sim.

Meanwhile, over on the main Concorde thread, Jack and Dean are pulling out annotated charts and diagrams explaining how to manage CG and how their version matches the British Airways POH almost perfectly in every phase …

So bear that in mind with every “review” you see from people who think they know better.


Those aircraft have community mods since there is no further development on them.

This aircraft came out days ago and hasn’t had its first official patch yet…


A simple retexturing pack is vastly different from what you first implied - modding to bring the systems up to full study-level. You could make a request for a livery/texture on flightsim-to for what you’re looking for in that regard; you certainly don’t need a community mod to do it.

Beyond that, DC Designs is one of the most active, responsive developers I’ve seen for FS2020. First, I would report issues/concerns/wishes to them. Then, give them time to roll out some fixes and upgrades. Only after that would I even consider starting a community mod as you don’t yet know what the plane will be like once it’s “matured” as a product.

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Have a quick peak at the AP config, in particular the “stickandrudder” section.

It’s possible they are another dev. that is using the SDK default values.

Hi Dean, just wondering if the reheats should engage when AP is on, AT is armed and IAS Aquire is pressed - even when the master reheat switches are turned off? I would assume the AT would work but without engaging reheats unless I had turned them on at the master switches behind the throttle?

Would Concorde do this in real life, or is this a big? Also, occasionally finding the AP won’t do as it’s told specifically when selecting ALT Aquire or Max Clim - sometimes she will defend or level off way before reaching the target altitude.

Just some constructive feedback and a genuine question.

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I don’t use ias acq when climbing, I always manually increase speed then I use the ias hold. Stops reheat enabling. Same with accel to Mach 2 I manually increase the speed. I prefer not to use alt acq also but have vert speed engaged so I can slowly if need be get to 55000 before hitting max cruise. Each to their own but that works for me. That may help or not

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Forgot to mention that the accel from subsonic to Mach 1.7 I do use reheat but mauaully accel.

This thread feels pretty distasteful and vague…
The Concorde hasn’t even been released a week or received its first patch.
Lets not step on the developers toes, when they haven’t given us a general impression that its a dead on arrival product as far as work in progress. Remember these products are “someone’s baby”.
Folks need to give the product developers feedback and actually READ what the particular developer responses are as far as future plans and patches.
DC Designs has been really good about communications and having a two way relationship as far as consumer/developer feedback, unlike some others…:smirk:


It’s a limitation of the autothrottle / AP in MSFS. Engaging MAX CLIMB commands the AP to use all available power, so it uses reheat throughout the climb. The real Concorde did not do this. It only used reheat on take off and in climb between Mach 0.95 and Mach 1.7, after which it was switched off.

ALT ACQ and MAX CLIMB are two different things - the first does what you’d expect based on the altitude you’ve input with the selector, the second is pre-programmed to take you all the way up to cruise altitude :+1:


Thanks Dean, just wanted to make sure I had the right technique. I’ll just pack some extra fuel haha!

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