Can we try to start a list of add ons that cause slowdown with SU5?

SU5 is running incredibly for me, but I didn’t have to add too many add ons back to my community folder before I started to get some very significant slow downs. So, back to the familiar task of endlessly restarting the Sim with different sets of add ons trying to find which are killing my performance.

It would be SO helpful if add ons could be loaded/unloaded without restarting the sim like can be done in P3D. And it sure would be helpful if the sim could show how much CPU power was being used by each add on. If there’s tools or techniques for doing so with dev tools or something, please let me know how!

So maybe we can help crowdsource this task by people reporting which add ons they can verify as not hurting performance significantly and which people find to cause slow downs, or worse (crashes, bugs)?

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At a minimum it would be helpful to have insight (logs or real-time) into which packages are being loaded to diagnose hangs and CTDs.

Please remember to make sure the Developer gets to know about any support issues relating to their addon, including causing the sim to slow down.
Thank you.

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Certainly, notifying the developer should be done if you are publicly saying there’s a problem.