Can you add a way of resetting bushtrip progress on xbox?

We really need a way of resetting our progress on xbox I currently have no way of completing the bordeaux to mont blanc bush trip as my aircraft is currently stuck in the middle of a forest.

As much as I would love to play other trips I have no desire to do so unless I can restart if any mishaps happen to me

Bit of a workaround for that (provided it’s not the first leg), if you choose to restart from the previous leg, then quit out once its loaded, you can then choose to restart the leg you’re stuck on and it will restart from the start of that leg.
But I agree it would be handy, uninstalling the game will reset progress, but it will do it for all trips which may not be what you want.

I have a similar problem on one of the bush legs. It spawns me in the trees at the end of the runway. A proper reset would be nice.

Unfortunately uninstalling on xbox is not a option. Tried it countless times but it appears that progress is saved on the cloud with no way to delete it.

So as it stands at the moment bush trips are broken on xbox and it’s making a much lauded part of the sim unusable for many simmers on xbox

That’s weird, unless they have changed it in a recent update, it was a couple of months ago that I had to uninstall and all my bush trip progress was gone, I’m just going through them again now.