Can you bind a thumbstick to look around?

I’m trying to figure out how to get the analog thumbstick on my throttle to look around relative to the center point, snapping back to center afterwards, rather than the absolute movement that you have to push a button to reset. Does anyone know if that’s possible?

Same problem with Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. Unable to assign the hat switch to look around.

You need to use the Cockpit Cameras commands bound to the hat (POV). “Cockpit Quickview” commands exhibit the “snap back” behavior. “Cockpit Look” commands are smooth panning in all directions. Make sure to set the Filter to “All” to search for the available commands. And delete any existing bindings on the Hat. Rick

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Thank You!

I dived deep into this. And I found the exact same solution as you mentioned above.
My additional problem was the hat switch have been already assigned by default to some sort of view command somehow.
So I had to search it where it had been assigned and delete that command.
Than I did that what you told me above and is finally working as a “normal” :slightly_smiling_face:hat switch.

edit : We need to make sure to use the search function on the controls page, because one button can be assigned to more than one function.
And if is assigned to more than one, that button will not be doing the thing what you are expecting to do.

Thanks once again!

Try FaceTrack, it’s free and easy to do