Can you explain the changes in SU5 that lead to color banding and fringes for many user on SDR monitors and are they fixable?

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Yep, but I can’t choose output color depth other than 8 bpc. I guess it’s monitor related.

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Okay, as things seem to slow down, I’m taking the liberty to BUMP this thread.
I checked the “Random-screenshot-megathread-2”, and just by a cursory look at the last few posts I found examples for purple color fringes and/or color banding in and around clouds.

No offence to the original posters, those are great screenshots. But they display a flaw in the game, imho introduced with SU5. And they clearly show that it is a widespread issue, because you’ll find more examples in that particular and many other threads all over the forum.

Heavy greenish and light puple color banding in cloud cover:

Are clouds really that purple? And yet more heavy color banding:

Heavy color banding on the upper edges of the picture and a lot of purple:

There’s more than 200 votes for cirrus clouds (which I understand and support). But before introducing more clouds I think it’s worth to find out what’s wrong with the clouds and the sky in general on many systems.


Thanks for bringing this up again. The SU5 hotfix 2 was intended to " fix washed out/oil painted clouds". While they did a great job reverting the color grade and exposure to the SU4 look, the oil paint look is still there.

Hoping we can get this looked into!


Today’s flight and weird green/purple banding/fringing even in the water. I notice these anomalies in many, if not most screenshots posted in these forums to some extent.


When I was designing clouds, the main reason I chose a highlight hue of 210 (or sometimes 180) was that it didn’t cause those weird purples which were caused by using white as a highlight and a shadow color of around 209.
Maybe they inadvertently let their daytime highlight color be white again.

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After careful consideration I have determined that this message may be in violation of the guidelines, so as a precautionary measure it has been removed.

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Halloween weather preset before and after SU5, Ultra settings:




Had to BUMP the thread, because the last Q&A failed to mention changes in graphics, although there was a massive discussion, even to the extent of an alleged intentional downgrade, after SU5 hit.

There are still threads dealing with the color banding issues, and although some are tagged [Bug logged], there seems to be no explicit mentioning of potential fixes for SU6.

Here’s what I see a lot, and what is to bee seen in screenshots all over these forums and even in promotional screenshots from developers. These “purplish” fringes on the cloud edges are accompanied by purple color banding in the sky in all daylight conditions, and in dark areas there is a noticeable purple (red?)/green segmentation of the screen.

For those wishing to delve deeper into the discussion:


For me it’s the atmosphere. Seeing the sky slowly transition from ground to space only involves white and blue (during the day)

However with the hideous color banding, the sky changes from white, to green, to purple, to green again, etc

ugh it just looks so bad. I miss the sky from pre Su5.


yeah the banding get’s quite annoying at some point, i was looking past it at first but it becomes more and more noticeable once you know about it.

i’ve tried my monitor in 8-bit and 10-bit mode just to check if that made a difference but nah.
Would love to see this addressed

Obviously they made changes to the rendering engine to adapt for XBox. Here’s what is discussed on the MS SDK Q&A platform. I’m not an expert, but what I am seeing in the images provided there may well explain that extra compression introduced in the colour palette for SU5 that is being used to render is now introducing the artefacts we are seeing.

Now it’s about raising awareness on dev’s side, if there isn’t already. I will amend my Zendesk report accordingly, but it would be beneficial if there’s some more traction to this discussion - and votes, of course!

(link provided by @dlebedev in Rendering engine artifacts)

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I have an SDR monitor, yet I don’t experience the said color banding.

How does the world map sun reflection look for you?

Color Banding Issue

after SU5 looks way more realistic to my eyes, than before. Sunlight is not yellow irl

Looks like “after SU5” according to your Before/After SU5 comparison, definitely rasterized with a pinkish aura:

Would you like to share a screenshot of the sun reflection on your world map like the one above? It would be intersting, as there are indeed many screenshots that don’t show much of the mentioned effect and thus indicate that it might be configuration dependant.

It’s not so much about the absolute colors (that’s subject to personal preference for sure) but the dynamic range, which seems to have suffered and thus leading to rasterization and banding

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Also more visible near sunset / rise:

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ah, ok…I didn’t see it under that perspective…it wasn’t of course a criticism from me, more a personnal “look” or preference as you mentionned.