Can you focus on core issues not just random sceneries?

Japan sure looks great but it would be no good if we can’t fly there without crashes all the time.

Fix the core issues first like FPS drops and avionics like G1000 AP which is F’ed up.

No one cares about sceneries if we can’t even get the plane up in the air.

This is a flight flight flight flight simulator not a world simulator. If we can’t fly then why even bother playing?

The previous update broke more things than it fixed, your priorities should be fixing those things first at least get them working like pre patch again!


You may not realize but there are probably dozens if not hundreds of programmers involved. Each works on a specific area. I’m sure one of the groups are working on the compatibility issues.


Yes and the world doesn’t revolve around you.


Well, the Japanese will certainly enjoy it. And that is good, isn’t it?


Apparently the world revolves around Japan. :smiley:

That said, the OP is correct. They should be targeting core features prior to going after incredibly random scenery improvements.

As was stated in another thread, we have no way of knowing what Asobo’s resource allocations are because they haven’t told us. Maybe this is coming at the expense of other, more global things, maybe it isn’t.

Perhaps if they would release a development roadmap that says more than just the word “update” we’d have a better understanding of their plan.


Yeah, let’s put the scenery team on G1000 fixes. Great use of their time.


Fortunately there are core scenery issues for the scenery team.

There are extensive systemic problems with terrain textures:

There are extensive systemic problems with night lighting.

There are extensive systemic problems with water masking.

Seems like there is plenty for the scenery team to work on.


Night lighting likely requires a programmer to fix it, since it’s lighting that applies to all textures around the world. On the other hand, scenery developers are likely artists and/or 3D modelers with no programming experience.

The artists and 3D modelers that created the Japan scenery don’t have programming skills so they won’t be able to fix the night lighting.


Your spot on but the MS/Asobo defenders will be here shortly to obliterate your post.


I think, given that they are getting serious about Japan, this is an endless Xbox versus Sony showdown. There is obvious trolling here.
Believe me, they have no time for us and our problems with the simulator right now. They need to win over the Japanese audience as soon as possible before the release of PlayStation 5. Microsoft will now struggle to pull the blanket over to its side, kija more and more temptations for Japanese players. We can only watch this performance.


It’s clear some people don’t understand how software development work. A 3D artist won’t solve any autopilot issues. They have different teams and skill sets for different tasks.

In addition to that, Microsoft hired Gaya to do a lot of the scenary stuff as well as three of the airports.

On top of this there are game fixes also included in this update.


While we may not understand how software development works, some of us certainly feel cheated with such a release. I don’t care how many programmers they have or what they are doing, but I have canceled my gamepass until I hear that they are focusing on making this resemble an airplane simulator.


Update 4: G1000 MFD is now decorated with smaller trees.


Some people, as you write, are just waiting for critical fixes of gross errors that were made in the 2nd update. That’s all. No one is against the designers who design Japan and other cities. I am only grateful to them for their work. but programmers are in no hurry to fix bugs. They could at least let them know when it will be fixed. there are flaws to wait, but their mistakes literally make it impossible for many to use the product they paid for. in this case, it was necessary to write that the game is in early access and not bend such a high price for the simulator, which will still be refined over the years.


That wouldn’t surprise me given Asobo’s deliverables so far.


In another branch they wrote to me that it is impossible to fix an error in a complex code in one day. But the code is made up of clusters and sections. If they killed the joystick sensitivity adjustment menu, then this is very stupid, and I suspect that the error may literally be hidden behind a typo or extra quotes. You do not need to shovel the entire game code, knowing the cluster and the section, you can find and fix errors in a second, put everything back in place.


Oh look, here’s another who knows nothing about game development or updating games, but has to drop on a forum to give their hot take on game development and updates.

Scenery is handled by different team than core development. The former is handled by a team primarily made of artsists and 3D modelers, the latter is handled by a team of programmers and engineers.

While the latter works on updating the core gameplay and simulation, the former works on scenery, because… that’s what their job is and they can’t do the other job.

While the latter fixes the issues of the simulation, the former doesn’t sit on their ■■■ because you want Asobo to “focus.”

The TLDR version is that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Also, the reply to your question is “NO.”


If they keep a well documented change log, where every submission has to be approved by someone, they will know exactly what was changed between versions. They just need to re-visit every approved change, and eliminate them one by one till they find the culprit.

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Hey, when I buy a car, I don’t care who designs its wheels and who sews floor mats. I want a working car for my money. I do not care. If they want my money, they have to be responsible for their goods. the person who sells is responsible. Let at least 100 companies work there. Microsoft is responsible for the fact that we still can’t play properly.


I said the exact same thing in another thread! But you said it way better.