Can you write text on a building ( ie, the front of a Hangar building )?

Is it currently possible to have any text markings on a wall , such as a hangar front or building side ? That would be so handy, for example at 1c5 airport ( Bolingbrook airport) in the Chicago suburb, there is a hangar that is marked ‘Illinois Aviation Museum’ above the front hangar door. I am trying to recreate that.

A lot of hangars in airports also have texts above them, such as ‘UNITED’, or whatever other company operates / leases than hangar

You need to create an own 3D model for that

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Yep you sure can if you make your own 3D model and insert it in the game. You can put anything on it you want, text, pictures,etc.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but this is the first time im using an SDK to make an airport. How can i make a 3D model ? Can it be done within the existing Microsoft MSFSSDK, or is it some other program that has to be used ?


No problem. It can seem daunting at first and it is a pretty complicated process but broken down in to individual steps, it’s not bad and can be done by most anyone. The first step is to learn to create your models or 3D objects. I learned to make mine in Sketchup but you can also use Blender. Sketchup is simpler and for me easier to learn but it doesn’t offer things like animation, etc. that Blender does. Start off by creating a simple cube and learn to put a texture on it. Once you learn how to make objects then you can put them in MSFS. There are a lot of tutorials out there on YouTube about creating objects and then inserting them in to MSFS. This guy in particular has a lot of videos and they are pretty easy to follow. Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you get stumped.


Thank you so much! I want to try creating hangars with different color roofs, and some with open hangar bay doors. This will help immensely

You can find some pretty nice free textures out on the internet for roofs, etc. Just make sure your textures are sized like 1024 x 1024 or 2048 x 2048. FS2020 doesn’t like odd sizes like 1024 x 1026 or 2048 x 2009. Paint app comes in handy for messing with textures.