Cannot Alt-Tab to another app / cannot save flight plans!

Whenever I run MSFS 2020 in VR mode, I cannot Alt-Tab to another app. It’s driving me insane!
It supposedly is a feature, I mean who wouldn’t like it?
I found a post that it can be disabled in the “Mixed Reality Portal”, however, since I am using a HTC Vive, I cannot get to the setting:

The same thing prevents me from saving flight plans. After creating one, and pressing space to save it, a file chooser dialog opens, but I cannot focus it. The simulator also hangs at this point, waiting for input from the file chooser. I have to end task at that point.

Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to prevent Alt-Tab in a VR app?

It’s driving me insane too! If I want to quickly check something on the computer, I cannot, or have to close MSFS.

Just a couple of observations:

  1. The problem persists if you exit VR mode, meaning that whatever the problem is, it is enabled when you first enter VR mode in the session. And stays active until you close the simulator entirely.
  2. Unfortunately, the solution you mentioned does not have anything to do with this, as it only happens with MSFS, and is not related to the input switching of WMR devices.

I think the best way to do this is to allow external Windows into the VR space. Take off the VR headset and turn it to the screen, which is still inconvenient. Of course, even if external Windows are allowed into the VR space, there will always be some things that can’t be accessed, so switching to the screen is also necessary.

You ALT-ENTER to switch from full screen mode first? Then ALT-TAB (and viceversa)

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This is not WMR, this is FS2020 full screen borderless window. They’ve changed it between beta and release and not it stays “on top”.

Why did they? maybe to get some “performance” out of the WDM full screen optimization but in practice, I don’t see any difference whether full screen (borderless) or window, and in VR, regardless of the window size.